I'm Matt.  If you're reading this that means A. you're on my website B. you've clicked beyond the homepage C. you're at least somewhat curious about me which all means
D. I have an excuse to write a bio. 

I'm a former Mainstage Performer/Writer/Director at Improv Asylum in Boston, MA. I currently live in NYC where I perform live shows and create sketches for "Simply Unemployable", which I co-created with fellow actor Richie Moriarty. www.youtube.com/simplyunemployable or www.simplyunemployable.com

We write/direct/act in our own webseries as well as one-off sketches. We're also a partner channel with Above Average Productions . We've created the webseries "Portrait STUdio" and "Congressional Hearings" as well as sketches like "Sex in a Haunted House" (24Million+ views!) and "What Every Super Hero REALLY Wants". It can be found on their site here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLA88D2AAD17F5FCDC


I just finished an NBC Showcase directed by Mick Napier and am currently back and forth between NYC, Boston, and LA doing shows and writing. In addition to comedy, I've acted in various plays, indie films, industrials, VO, and commercials.

When I'm not working, I watch horror movies, eat a lot of yogurt, collect movie posters, go to Haunted Houses, and do a terrible job playing the drums.



You want more information that you can't find on the other pages of this website?  Fine. 

Here's a list of Favorites

MOVIE: The Goonies 


ACTOR: Bruce Campbell 

MOVIE GENRE: Horror/Cult 

BAND: The Mighty Mighty Bosstones



BOOK: The Futurist 

VIDEO GAME: CONTRA or in more recent years BIOSHOCK

RESTAURANT: The Outback Steakhouse (seriously, get their cheese fries)

HOLIDAY: Halloween